Union City

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00 liquor license Commercial New Jersey$135,000
549 41ST ST Condo New Jersey$585,000
549 41ST ST Condo New Jersey$575,000
2920 BERGENLINE AVE Commercial New Jersey$119,000
1720 NEW YORK AVE Condo New Jersey$269,900
210 BERGENLINE AVE Condo New Jersey$229,000
4521 HARRISON PL New Jersey$515,000
140 37TH ST Multi-Family New Jersey$1,150,000
2608 CENTRAL AVE Land New Jersey$249,000
1609 BERGENLINE AVE New Jersey$1,350,000
1110 SUMMIT AVE New Jersey$475,000
3315 PLEASANT AVE Condo New Jersey$279,000
647 38TH ST Condo New Jersey$439,000
647 38TH ST Condo New Jersey$475,000
647 38TH ST Condo New Jersey$325,000
1003 BERGENLINE AVE Multi-Family New Jersey$448,000
1003 BERGENLINE AVE New Jersey$448,000
3810-3814 32ND ST Land New Jersey$850,000
3810-3814 32ND ST New Jersey$850,000
3607 PARK AVE Retail New Jersey$289,000
205 36TH ST Land New Jersey$450,000
319 14TH ST New Jersey$319,000
319 14TH ST Land New Jersey$319,000
213-215 BERGENLINE AVE Multi-Family New Jersey$1,100,000
213-215 BERGENLINE AVE Land New Jersey$1,100,000
100 MANHATTAN AVE Condo New Jersey$275,000
900-902 SUMMIT AVE New Jersey$2,590,000
818 22ND ST Multi-Family New Jersey$649,000
722 31ST ST Multi-Family New Jersey$995,000
380 MOUNTAIN RD Condo New Jersey$259,000
912 BERGENLINE AVE New Jersey$930,000
1724 BERGENLINE AVE New Jersey$1,200,000
525 28TH ST Multi-Family New Jersey$649,000
203 49TH ST Multi-Family New Jersey$529,000
100 MANHATTAN AVE Condo New Jersey$250,000
380 MOUNTAIN RD Condo New Jersey$224,000
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