Hamilton Park

Sun Drenched 1 Bedroom | 1 Bathroom in Hamilton Park Area$438,500
Stunning 2 Bedrooms | 2 Bathrooms with Amazing View of Hamilton Park!$698,500
632 JERSEY AVE Multi-Family New Jersey$2,888,800
334 7TH ST Condo New Jersey$899,000
264 9TH ST Condo New Jersey$475,000
264 9TH ST Condo New Jersey$714,900
366 7TH ST Multi-Family New Jersey$975,000
648 JERSEY AVE Multi-Family New Jersey$1,695,000
307 7TH ST Condo New Jersey$528,000
350 8TH ST Condo New Jersey$425,000
18 1/2 WEST HAMILTON PL New Jersey$1,699,000
329.5 7TH ST New Jersey$625,000
287 8TH ST Condo New Jersey$410,000
245 8TH ST Condo New Jersey$418,000
215 BRUNSWICK ST Condo New Jersey$769,000
299 PAVONIA AVE Condo New Jersey$1,199,000
318.5 7TH ST New Jersey$749,000
178 COLES ST New Jersey$1,099,000
357 7TH ST Multi-Family New Jersey$2,500,000
357 7TH ST New Jersey$2,500,000
223 BRUNSWICK ST Multi-Family New Jersey$999,000
670 JERSEY AVE New Jersey$2,299,000
299 PAVONIA AVE Condo New Jersey$1,199,000
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