Historic Downtown

Invest in booming Journal Square! Laundromat space + 3 residential units$1,648,000
New Construction 2 Bedrooms | 2 Full Bathrooms Duplex Home with Private Roof-Top$1,129,000
Stunning 2 Bedrooms | 2 Bathrooms with Amazing View of Hamilton Park!$698,500
Legal 3 Family off of Van Vorst Park, Downtown Jersey City$1,500,000
Amazing 4 Family Investment Opportunity in Downtown Jersey City$1,550,000
Sun Drenched 1 Bedroom | 1 Bathroom in Hamilton Park Area$438,500
New Construction in Downtown JC Village Section!$619,000
Incredible Development Opportunity in Downtown Jersey City!$1,150,000
400 7TH ST Land New Jersey$7,500,000
246 BAY ST New Jersey$3,995,000
287 YORK ST New Jersey$3,349,000
228 MONTGOMERY ST New Jersey$3,200,000
162 MERCER ST Multi-Family New Jersey$2,990,000
316 MONTGOMERY ST Multi-Family New Jersey$2,990,000
316 MONTGOMERY ST New Jersey$2,990,000
632 JERSEY AVE Multi-Family New Jersey$2,888,800
88 MORGAN ST Condo New Jersey$2,850,000
338 MONTGOMERY ST New Jersey$2,800,000
338 MONTGOMERY ST Industrial New Jersey$2,800,000
50 WAYNE ST Condo New Jersey$1,099,000
332 NEWARK AVE Condo New Jersey$574,999
102 TIDEWATER ST Condo New Jersey$469,000
370 1ST ST Condo New Jersey$835,000
187 WAYNE ST Condo New Jersey$494,000
111 COLES ST Multi-Family New Jersey$1,199,900
213 1ST ST New Jersey$2,399,000
215 1ST ST New Jersey$2,399,000
212 WARREN ST Condo New Jersey$825,000
16 COLES ST Condo New Jersey$474,900
174 WASHINGTON ST Condo New Jersey$2,250,000
135 MONTGOMERY ST Condo New Jersey$470,000
473 NEWARK AVE Condo New Jersey$429,000
1 2ND ST Condo New Jersey$915,000
1 2ND ST Condo New Jersey$965,000
264 9TH ST Condo New Jersey$460,000
105 GREENE ST Condo New Jersey$675,000
154 found