Historic Downtown

3 Bedrooms | 2 Bathrooms New Construction with 2 Outdoor Spaces + Covered Garage Parking$1,349,000
Brownstone Living Complete with a Landscaped Backyard in the Heart of Downtown Jersey City$2,590,000
New Construction in Downtown Jersey City with a Private Roof Deck$779,000
New Construction 3 Bedrooms | 2 Bathrooms Condo with Roof Deck in Downtown Jersey City$1,199,000
2 Bedrooms | 2 Bathrooms Loft-Style Living with Stunning High Ceilings$999,000
127-129 MORGAN ST Land New Jersey$13,500,000
400 7TH ST Land New Jersey$7,500,000
155 NEWARK AVE New Jersey$6,000,000
160 BRUNSWICK ST Land New Jersey$4,975,000
246 BAY ST New Jersey$3,995,000
145 SUSSEX ST New Jersey$3,000,000
145 SUSSEX ST Multi-Family New Jersey$3,000,000
88 MORGAN ST Condo New Jersey$2,850,000
236 6TH ST Condo New Jersey$949,000
227 CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS DR Condo New Jersey$705,000
205 10TH ST Condo New Jersey$875,000
316 2ND ST Condo New Jersey$675,000
357 4TH ST Condo New Jersey$400,000
357 4TH ST Condo New Jersey$900,000
299 3RD ST Multi-Family New Jersey$1,599,999
301 3RD ST Multi-Family New Jersey$1,699,999
88 MORGAN ST Condo New Jersey$619,900
186 WAYNE ST Condo New Jersey$759,000
125 CAMBRIDGE AVE Multi-Family New Jersey$645,000
3 RADEMAN PL Condo New Jersey$345,000
135 MONTGOMERY ST Condo New Jersey$425,000
394 1ST ST Condo New Jersey$549,990
1 GREENE ST Condo New Jersey$469,000
83 GRAND ST Condo New Jersey$1,950,000
250 6TH ST Condo New Jersey$1,250,000
174 WASHINGTON ST Condo New Jersey$1,700,000
135 MONTGOMERY ST Condo New Jersey$425,000
297.5 MONTGOMERY ST Condo New Jersey$1,275,000
127 BRUNSWICK ST Condo New Jersey$449,000
41 BEACON AVE Multi-Family New Jersey$1,250,000
41 BEACON AVE Condo New Jersey$409,000
123 found