Historic Downtown

2 Bedrooms/2 Baths Condo at Park Hamilton in Jersey City- Blocks Away From Hamilton Park$839,000
Architectural Marvel! Breathtaking Luxury Home In Downtown Jersey City with Stunning NYC Views$2,499,000
3 Bedrooms | 2 Bathrooms New Construction with 2 Outdoor Spaces + Covered Garage Parking$1,349,000
New Construction 3 Bedrooms | 2 Bathrooms Condo with Roof Deck in Downtown Jersey City$1,199,000
New Construction in Downtown Jersey City with a Private Roof Deck$779,000
331 NEWARK AVE New Jersey$5,250,000
99 HUDSON ST Condo New Jersey$4,048,000
288 6TH ST New Jersey$4,000,000
324 3RD ST New Jersey$3,999,000
38 MERCER ST New Jersey$3,350,000
38 MERCER ST New Jersey$3,350,000
186 WAYNE ST Condo New Jersey$579,000
88 MORGAN ST Condo New Jersey$839,500
187 WAYNE ST Condo New Jersey$475,000
1 GREENE ST Condo New Jersey$1,325,000
234 10TH ST Condo New Jersey$935,000
97 BRIGHT ST Condo New Jersey$470,000
99 HUDSON ST Condo New Jersey$1,190,000
295 4TH ST Condo New Jersey$949,900
158 WAYNE ST Condo New Jersey$529,000
270 LUIS M MARIN BLVD Condo New Jersey$450,000
212 4TH ST Condo New Jersey$1,475,000
167 WAYNE ST Condo New Jersey$1,030,000
20 2ND ST Condo New Jersey$1,349,000
15 WARREN ST Condo New Jersey$1,499,999
267 GROVE ST Office New Jersey$275,000
466 MONMOUTH ST Condo New Jersey$349,000
201 LUIS M MARIN BLVD Condo New Jersey$1,398,000
200 CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS DR Condo New Jersey$499,000
160 1ST ST Condo New Jersey$1,180,000
445 PAVONIA AVE Condo New Jersey$309,000
214 4TH ST New Jersey$1,299,000
372 2ND ST Condo New Jersey$439,000
407 2ND ST Condo New Jersey$569,999
15 WARREN ST Condo New Jersey$1,069,000
1 GREENE ST Condo New Jersey$949,900
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