Huge Commercial/Residential Property on the main Hoboken street$4,000,000
Prime Uptown Hoboken: corner retail + 2 family residential$2,795,000
Large 1 Bed 1 Bath W/Balcony Downtown Hoboken Close to path on a High floor$550,000
Welcoming Oasis 3 Bedroom Condo in Downtown Hoboken$1,499,000
2  bed/ 2bath in Hoboken$680,000
Huge downtown Hoboken 2 bedroom condo near PATH train$559,000
1000 AVENUE AT PORT IMPERIAL Condo New Jersey$3,398,000
230 HUDSON ST Multi-Family New Jersey$3,350,000
1125 MAXWELL LANE Condo New Jersey$3,248,000
702 BLOOMFIELD ST Multi-Family New Jersey$2,850,000
1125 MAXWELL LANE Condo New Jersey$2,750,000
421 ADAMS ST Condo New Jersey$475,000
312 GARDEN ST Multi-Family New Jersey$1,499,000
629 GARDEN ST Multi-Family New Jersey$2,499,000
1125 MAXWELL LANE Condo New Jersey$800,000
80 PARK AVE Condo New Jersey$389,000
60 MADISON ST Retail New Jersey$500,000
224 HUDSON ST Condo New Jersey$1,099,999
407 JEFFERSON ST Condo New Jersey$2,099,000
4 WASHINGTON ST Commercial New Jersey$299,000
1023 WILLOW AVE Multi-Family New Jersey$1,500,000
2 CONSTITUTION CT Condo New Jersey$879,000
301 1ST ST Condo New Jersey$549,000
415 MONROE ST Condo New Jersey$1,140,000
1125 WASHINGTON ST Condo New Jersey$479,999
218 8TH ST New Jersey$1,325,000
321 WASHINGTON ST Condo New Jersey$899,000
159 NEWARK ST Condo New Jersey$499,000
321 WASHINGTON ST Condo New Jersey$899,000
1115 WILLOW AVE Condo New Jersey$799,000
829 WASHINGTON ST Condo New Jersey$1,350,000
920 HUDSON ST Condo New Jersey$450,000
98 WILLOW AVE Commercial New Jersey$699,999
1001 GARDEN ST Multi-Family New Jersey$2,225,000
1125 MAXWELL LANE Condo New Jersey$1,435,000
800 AVENUE AT PORT IMPERIAL Condo New Jersey$1,745,000
103 found