The Heights

Two Bedroom Condo in The Heights$529,000
Single Family Home Loft$1,198,000
2000 WEST ST New Jersey$4,990,000
703-707 28TH ST New Jersey$4,575,000
4523 BERGENLINE AVE New Jersey$3,490,000
100 MANHATTAN AVE Condo New Jersey$499,999
3436 KENNEDY BLVD New Jersey$425,000
80 MANHATTAN AVE Condo New Jersey$549,000
18 PATERSON ST New Jersey$530,100
366 OGDEN AVE Condo New Jersey$700,000
500 CENTRAL AVE Condo New Jersey$359,900
274 OGDEN AVE Condo New Jersey$195,000
95 SHERMAN AVE New Jersey$589,000
62 SANFORD PL Multi-Family New Jersey$849,000
122 CHARLES ST Multi-Family New Jersey$849,000
118 COLUMBIA AVE Multi-Family New Jersey$1,350,000
100 MANHATTAN AVE Condo New Jersey$339,000
118 COLUMBIA AVE Condo New Jersey$599,000
4603 COTTAGE PL Multi-Family New Jersey$550,000
968 SUMMIT AVE Condo New Jersey$599,000
100 MANHATTAN AVE Condo New Jersey$319,500
292 MAPLE ST New Jersey$619,900
235 SHERMAN AVE New Jersey$499,000
27 LEONARD ST Multi-Family New Jersey$600,000
126 WEBSTER AVE Condo New Jersey$650,000
602 11TH ST New Jersey$499,000
138 NEW YORK AVE Condo New Jersey$640,000
138 NEW YORK AVE Condo New Jersey$550,000
100 MANHATTAN AVE Condo New Jersey$585,000
652 37TH ST Multi-Family New Jersey$559,999
474 LIBERTY AVE New Jersey$525,000
207 BOWERS ST Condo New Jersey$199,999
306 NEW YORK AVE Condo New Jersey$599,000
519 LIBERTY AVE Condo New Jersey$699,000
54 NELSON AVE Multi-Family New Jersey$539,000
306 NEW YORK AVE Condo New Jersey$619,000
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