The Waterfront

1 Bed Jersey City Downtown  High-Rise Living!$675,000
2 Bedroom Brownstone Living in Jersey City$699,999
1 Bedroom Condo In Brand New Luxury Community$775,000
Contemporary 1 Bedroom Condo in the Mandalay$610,000
Low Taxes - New Construction - Beautifully Built 1 Bedroom in Downtown Jersey City$649,000
Boutique luxury building 1 Bedroom + Balcony$745,000
134 MORRIS ST Condo New Jersey$599,000
267 GROVE ST Condo New Jersey$429,000
186 WAYNE ST Condo New Jersey$399,000
99 MONTGOMERY ST Condo New Jersey$639,000
370 5TH ST Condo New Jersey$489,000
222 MONTGOMERY ST Condo New Jersey$950,000
580 JERSEY AVE Condo New Jersey$475,000
304 PAVONIA AVE Condo New Jersey$925,000
25 MCWILLIAMS PL Condo New Jersey$949,000
201 LUIS M MARIN BLVD Condo New Jersey$1,995,000
231 1ST ST Condo New Jersey$1,475,000
227 CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS DR Condo New Jersey$449,000
45 MERCER ST Multi-Family New Jersey$1,795,000
232 PAVONIA AVE Condo New Jersey$689,000
270 LUIS M MARIN BLVD Condo New Jersey$460,000
207 WARREN ST Multi-Family New Jersey$2,200,000
284 MONMOUTH ST Condo New Jersey$475,000
380 LUIS M MARIN BLVD Condo New Jersey$725,000
231 1ST ST Condo New Jersey$1,475,000
135 MONTGOMERY ST Condo New Jersey$389,000
65 2ND ST Condo New Jersey$740,000
204 BRUNSWICK ST Multi-Family New Jersey$1,200,000
373-375 3RD ST New Jersey$1,200,000
174 WASHINGTON ST Condo New Jersey$1,349,000
222 GRAND ST New Jersey$1,525,000
263 10TH ST Condo New Jersey$427,000
319 10TH ST New Jersey$1,099,000
299 PAVONIA AVE Condo New Jersey$1,450,000
284 4TH ST Multi-Family New Jersey$1,735,000
331 10TH ST New Jersey$1,699,000
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