Journal Square

Invest in booming Journal Square! Retail space + 3 residential units$1,800,000
Fabulous Penthouse in the heart of Jersey City featuring a sprawling 1431 sq ft of living space.$579,000
635 NEWARK AVE New Jersey$2,999,000
78 BALDWIN AVE Multi-Family New Jersey$650,000
111 MAGNOLIA AVE Multi-Family New Jersey$1,495,000
111 MAGNOLIA AVE Land New Jersey$1,495,000
10 HURON AVE Condo New Jersey$415,000
256 DUNCAN AVE New Jersey$399,000
242 BALDWIN AVE Multi-Family New Jersey$1,650,000
50 DEY ST Condo New Jersey$509,000
340 FAIRMOUNT AVE Condo New Jersey$259,999
75 LIBERTY AVE Condo New Jersey$469,000
201 ST PAULS AVE Condo New Jersey$285,000
375 BALDWIN AVE Condo New Jersey$279,000
50 DEY ST Condo New Jersey$575,000
160 HOPKINS AVE Multi-Family New Jersey$649,000
2672 KENNEDY BLVD Condo New Jersey$239,000
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2600 KENNEDY BLVD Condo New Jersey$452,000
1021 WEST SIDE AVE Multi-Family New Jersey$649,000
457 BALDWIN AVE Commercial New Jersey$149,000
50 DEY ST Condo New Jersey$399,000
819 WEST SIDE AVE New Jersey$1,299,000
214 OLEAN AVE Multi-Family New Jersey$459,000
3160 KENNEDY BLVD Multi-Family New Jersey$899,000
25 MAGNOLIA AVE New Jersey$1,099,000
869 BERGEN AVE New Jersey$1,095,000
273 FAIRMOUNT AVE Multi-Family New Jersey$529,500
791 BERGEN AVE Commercial New Jersey$145,000
2600 KENNEDY BLVD Condo New Jersey$315,000
135 VAN WAGENEN AVE Condo New Jersey$218,000
49 LAIDLAW AVE Multi-Family New Jersey$689,000
279 MANHATTAN AVE Multi-Family New Jersey$949,000
324 BALDWIN AVE Condo New Jersey$390,000
10 HURON AVE Condo New Jersey$400,000
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