New Jersey

Another natural extension of New York City is the charming and ever expanding Gold Coast of New Jersey. Stretched between Jersey City, Hoboken, Weehawken and all the way up to Edgewater. Whether you are looking for a Loft conversion in the WALDO district of Jersey  City, a high rise waterfront glass tower with sprawling views of Manhattan or a charming historical townhouse, you will find the short PATH train or Waterway Ferry ride a short breeze connecting you to midtown or downtown's business districts of Manhattan.

633 38TH ST Condo New Jersey$409,000
128 MADISON ST Condo New Jersey$389,000
10 HURON AVE Condo New Jersey$400,000
93 ERIE ST Condo New Jersey$460,000
672 LIBERTY AVE Multi-Family New Jersey$679,000
310 12TH ST New Jersey$559,000
6715 POLK ST Condo New Jersey$219,999
No photo available
75 LIBERTY AVE Condo New Jersey$489,000
1407 91ST ST Multi-Family New Jersey$699,999
633 38TH ST Multi-Family New Jersey$969,000
7603 1ST AVE Condo New Jersey$215,000
310 12TH ST Condo New Jersey$559,000
61 WEBSTER AVE Multi-Family New Jersey$1,429,000
No photo available
291 CLENDENNY AVE Multi-Family New Jersey$599,000
34 KORWEL CIRCLE WEST New Jersey$519,000
2 KINGSWOOD RD New Jersey$825,000
409 52ND ST Multi-Family New Jersey$399,000
340 FAIRMOUNT AVE Condo New Jersey$259,999
937 BLVD EAST Condo New Jersey$649,000
10 HURON AVE Condo New Jersey$330,000
1166 50TH ST Multi-Family New Jersey$525,000
487 TEAL PLAZA Condo New Jersey$375,503
219 BLOOMFIELD ST Condo New Jersey$549,000
130 SUSSEX ST Condo New Jersey$549,000
208 CLENDENNY AVE Multi-Family New Jersey$419,908
321 WASHINGTON ST Condo New Jersey$949,000
99 OCEAN AVE New Jersey$380,000
No photo available
633 38TH ST Condo New Jersey$619,000
736 GOLDEN AVE New Jersey$550,000
159 NEWARK ST Condo New Jersey$499,000
321 WASHINGTON ST Condo New Jersey$949,000
3 Bedroom Home in Carteret$255,000
6515 BLVD EAST Condo New Jersey$130,000
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