New Jersey

Another natural extension of New York City is the charming and ever expanding Gold Coast of New Jersey. Stretched between Jersey City, Hoboken, Weehawken and all the way up to Edgewater. Whether you are looking for a Loft conversion in the WALDO district of Jersey  City, a high rise waterfront glass tower with sprawling views of Manhattan or a charming historical townhouse, you will find the short PATH train or Waterway Ferry ride a short breeze connecting you to midtown or downtown's business districts of Manhattan.

1003 BERGENLINE AVE New Jersey$649,000
168-170 STEUBEN ST Multi-Family New Jersey$2,500,000
164 BARTHOLDI AVE Multi-Family New Jersey$537,000
6200 KENNEDY BLVD New Jersey$1,100,000
1200 AVENUE AT PORT IMPERIAL Condo New Jersey$2,198,000
171 OLD BERGEN RD Condo New Jersey$148,000
3 SOMERSET LANE Condo New Jersey$2,050,000
201-205 RANDOLPH AVE Land New Jersey$1,500,000
355 BERGEN AVE Land New Jersey$1,795,000
210-212 BERGEN AVE Land New Jersey$899,000
8101 TONNELLE AVE Commercial New Jersey$150,000
12 WALLIS AVE Multi-Family New Jersey$699,000
7727 BROADWAY Commercial New Jersey$85,000
249 CUSTER AVE Land New Jersey$389,000
14 WALLIS AVE Multi-Family New Jersey$699,000
247 CUSTER AVE Land New Jersey$389,000
135 VAN WAGENEN AVE Condo New Jersey$199,000
6809 PARK AVE New Jersey$1,650,000
75 PARK LANE SOUTH Condo New Jersey$1,310,000
75 PARK LANE SOUTH Condo New Jersey$1,495,000
99 HUDSON ST Condo New Jersey$920,000
5508 KENNEDY BLVD Land New Jersey$399,000
6106 HARRISON PL New Jersey$695,000
6106 HARRISON PL Multi-Family New Jersey$695,000
1408 5TH ST Multi-Family New Jersey$824,000
6914 KENNEDY BLVD Commercial New Jersey$79,000
1000 AVENUE AT PORT IMPERIAL Condo New Jersey$1,600,000
81 PALISADE AVE Land New Jersey$2,200,000
586 54TH ST New Jersey$625,000
LIQUOR LICENSE CENTRAL AVE Commercial New Jersey$399,000
536 40TH ST New Jersey$498,000
1969 KENNEDY BLVD New Jersey$795,000
292 HARRISON AVE Condo New Jersey$229,900
3690 - 3692 KENNEDY BLVD New Jersey$1,100,000
6209 BLVD EAST Condo New Jersey$279,000
75 PARK LANE SOUTH Condo New Jersey$2,630,000
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