Christopher Turney

Christopher Turney
587 5th Ave
415 Madison Avenue
License: 10401297271
Phone: 415.390.5850
Mobile: 203.464.1452
Fax: 212.252.9347

Featured in Creator magazine, SpoiledNYC and more!

High stakes deal making, high performance marketing, passionate customer service, and unparalleled preparation have powered Chris's success. From the world of startups to international business and now real estate, Chris has brought innovation and creativity from the startup world to real estate.

Chris started his first company while still in college. Over several years Chris built his business; raising capital investment, signing clients across Boston and New York City, and building his company's customer base from the ground up. He and his company have been featured in numerous publications including Creator Magazine.

With global work and education experience, including stints in India and England, and a diverse network of clients and investors from all over the world, Chris has the knowledge and experience to deliver unparalleled service to any client in New York City.

For Sellers:

As a startup founder, Chris became a deal-making expert. He pitched and sold investors and clients with little more than ideas on power point slides.

As a real estate agent, Chris treats every listing as if it were his own company and product. He employs his passionate pitch, meticulous preparation, and poised closing skills to every listing.

Your listing needs to get in front of the right customers the right way. Working with Chris and Nest Seekers means your listing will have the power of the latest marketing technology behind it to reach today's customers online and in-print. With Chris, you will also have his innovation, creativity, and classic hard work getting your listing to the negotiation table with its ideal buyers and buyer's agents.

For Buyers:

Whether you are upgrading to a new apartment on your block or moving to New York City from the other side of the world, Chris will treat you like family. Buying a home is much more than finding listings on Zillow and visiting apartments - a very easy way to waste days looking at dozens of apartments, none of which are right for you.

Chris takes the time to understand your needs, motivations and passions ensuring you find the home you'll love without wasting your time. Of course, Chris brings his expert negotiation skills to the deal table for buyers, ensuring you get your ideal home at your ideal price.

For those new to New York City, Chris's venture and real estate experience have familiarized him with every neighborhood in New York City. He is happy to guide buyers as to the virtues, conveniences, and hidden gems of every New York City neighborhood.


  • Chris was founder and CEO of Solutions which developed and released several services for local businesses (Pass, DISCO, DISCO Perks) in Boston and New York City.
  • Chris started his professional career with IBM in Bangalore, India.
  • He graduated from Northeastern University with Honors, which included a semester at the University of Cambridge.
  • Chris grew up in Connecticut - attending Pomfret School, playing baseball and hockey.


Economics, Cars (member of the Porsche Club of America), Rock Climbing, Motorcycles, Hockey, Baseball, Skiing, Snowboarding, Coffee, Opera, Jazz