Adam Kassemi

Adam Kassemi
Real Estate Advisor
London City | 1 Cornhill, London EC3V 3ND, United Kingdom.

Starting out in the Real Estate world from the tender age of 16, Adam knew this was the industry he would love to become a part of.

Adam was born and raised in London, England. With the entrepreneurial spirit and the hunger to dive into this industry sooner rather than later, he decided to join a huge corporate Real-estate company. With one foot in the door, Adam could now focus on his “side-hustles”, which at the time were Forex trading as well as cryptocurrency trading. He always wanted to have something to keep himself busy.

In Adam’s previous role, he was able to become the top-lettings consultant within his first couple months of being there. Today, 3 years later, Adam has decided to put his all into real estate, making it his only “hustle” and grow alongside Nest Seekers, with his main focus being keeping his clients happy. He has outstanding communication skills and has always made it his priority to make sure that his clients never need to ask and always know what to expect.

“I am a strong believer in always striving to be the best in what I do as well as being 2 steps ahead. My network is my net-worth”

With a strong passion for travelling, Adam opens himself up to clients across seas and welcomes both buyers and sellers with open arms, regardless of their location.

“Real Estate is one big hide & seek game. For every property, there is an owner, which means that for every property for sale, there is a buyer to be found.”