Akiko Osaka

Akiko Osaka
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
587 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10017
License: 10401224321
Fax: 212.252.9347

Akiko Osaka has worked with sizable corporations in Cosmetic field and built strong clientele. she was attracted to real estate field through meeting and working with New Yorkers. After working with real estate developers in NY, she decided to work in the real estate field to challenge herself, and worked both in Residential and Commercial firms. She has developed and established strong clientele such as major corporations to find their corporate housings, affluent clients for their homes/investment properties, and home owners who are looking to sell their homes. She is in the real estate industry since 2008. She specializes in Residential & Commercial sales/lease/rent, and Corporate Housings.

She loves to play piano, cook and exercise. She is fluent in Japanese, and speaks conversational Spanish.


大坂 晶子 (Commercial & Residential/ニューヨーク州公認不動産取引士)


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【Past Deals】
100 Park Avenue (commercial)
519 West 27th street (commercial)
601 West 26th Street (commercial)
322 West 57th Street (multiple units) - Sales & Rentals
150 West 51st Street, 14th fl.
313 Avalon Circle, Smithtown, NY
150 West 51st Street
500 West 30th Street
275 West 96th Street
425 Fifth Avenue (Multiple units)
322 West 57th Street, #48E - Sold & Rented
311 West 50th St (Multiple units)
301 West 57th Street
210 East 47th Street (Multiple units)
440 West 41st street
1 Wall street court
9 West 31st st
61-55, Junction BLVD (Multiple units)
75 Wall St
247 West 46th St (Multiple units)
515 West 52nd St
4545 Center Blvd
157 West 60 St
248 East 49th St
20 West St
35 West 35th St
229 West 60th St
350 West 42nd St (Multiple units)
350 West 50th St (Multiple units)
12-22, 30th Ave
123 Washington St
610-620 West 42nd St
635 West 42nd St (Multiple units)
66 West 38th Street
63-36, 99th St, #5A - Sold!
175 West 60th St
248 East 49th St
440 West 41st St
108-20, 71st Ave
5-09, 48th Ave (Multiple units)
12 East 86th St
25 CPW
50 West 34th St
220 Riverside BLVD (Multiple units)
30-80, 21st street
150 West 58th Street
2 Gold Street
401 East 34th Street
14-28, 26 Avenue
250 West 50th Street
1 Columbus place
135 East 54th Street (5-O&9-C)
333 East 102nd Street
340 East 58th Street
320 West 38th Street
346 East 89th Street
66 West 38th Street (multiple units)
178-36, Wexford Terrace
440 West 41st Street
45-40, Center BLVD
150 West 51st street (multiple units)
229 West 60th St
340 East 23rd ST
64-05 Yellowstone BLVD
311 West 50th ST
555 West 53rd ST
105 West 29th ST
3 Lincoln Center Condominium
371 East 14th Street
21 West End Avenue
150 W 58ST
66 West 38th Street (multiple units)
317 East 14 Street
160 West 62 ST
104-20 Queens BLVD
104-60 Queens BLVD
1 West End Avenue
175 West 60th Street, #14A (Rented)
166 East 63rd Street, #3H (Sold)
350 West 50th Street, #3L
45-42, 44th Street, #1R
2032 Fifth Avenue, #4A
602 East 89th Street (Rented)
9 St. Mark's Pl. (Retail Commercial)
406 East 13th Street (Retail Commercial)
175 West 95th Street, #7H
184 Thompson Street, #4V (Sold)
9 Cedar Street, Tuckahoe
53 West 53rd Street (Sold)
255 Great Neck Rd. (Rented)
184 Thompson St. #4V (Leases out)
350 West 50th St #3L (Rented)
435 West 31st Street #25M Immediate occupancy!
150 West 51st St. #922 (Rented)
43 Ellsworth Avenue, Harrison (Rented)
184 Thompson Street, #4V (Rented)
104-20, Queens Blvd. #22A (Rented)
108-20 71st Ave, #8G, Forest Hills (Rented)
435 West 31st Street #42S (Application pending)