Alexandra Sekouri testimonials

Alexandra Sekouri
License: 10401328010
Fax: 212.252.9347

Annalisa Weller

Real Estate Advisor, Pinellas International Council Board of Director at Coastal-Christie's International Real Estate

As an International Realtor, Alexandra & I have worked together on several real estate referrals both in the USA as well as abroad over the years. We also have served together on the various National Association of Realtors Global Business Committees. I highly recommend Alexandra. She is incredibly intelligent, very professional yet personable, hardworking, and passionate about doing things the proper & ethical way. I look forward to continuing my professional experiences with her for many years.

Nick Zigic

Real Estate Broker at Prominence Capital Advisors LLC

Alexandra and I have met serving in leadership of our National Associations, me for the USA and Austria, and her for Greece. Over the past 6 years we have worked together on challenges and issues regarding international real estate transactions and legislative issues effecting them. Alexandra is a very passionate and proactive player and stops at nothing in order to achieve her objectives. She is a team player and always seeks for plenty of input before making an educated decision.