Amy Greenberg testimonials

Amy Greenberg
Licensed Real Estate Agent
License: 01947825
Fax: 310.362.0351


Amy Greenberg. Where do I begin?
Thank you.

I could start by telling you that Amy sold our house in 11 days, at the price we were looking for. Her marketing was creative and flawless. I could tell you that Amy saved us over $100,000 on the purchase of our new home by being a tough negotiator.

I can tell you Amy was ALWAYS available to answer any question or concerns (seriously, when does she sleep?!), and I can tell you how she handled every aspect of both the selling of our home and the purchase of a new one in 2 different cities from beginning to end. True FULL SERVICE.

​Or I can just tell you this: choosing Amy as my Realtor is the BEST DECISION I'VE EVER MADE! I'm super picky and detail oriented, and I expect a lot form the people who work with me. I got all that and more with Amy.

Our deal was incredibly complicated, with multiple timelines and moving parts to consider. Dealing with institutions all over the world in different time zones, Amy never missed a beat!

​Amy also stopped me from making some pretty big mistakes as well. And always in a professional and respectful manner.
Amy cares, and NOT first about her commission. She truly cares about the happiness of my family.

If you are buying or selling a home in Southern California, Amy Greenberg is the ONLY realtor for you!

​C. Neeman, Multi-Platinum Producer/Songwriter
Red House Studio Coaching
Woodland Hills, California

I sought out Amy’s help in finding a new home during a time of great upheaval in my life. From the word go, Amy communicated with me with the utmost timeliness - and also with tremendous empathy. She helped me make sense of the listings and prioritize them according to my lifestyle needs which she seemed to remember and file away in a snap. Amy was direct but always warm and constructive and she clearly prizes the communication, trust and honesty she works so hard to earn with her clients. When I was struggling with my response or decision on next steps, Amy patiently broke it down for me so that I could reach greater clarity and feel confident about the choices I was making. Looking for a home can be such an overwhelming and bewildering process. I highly recommend Amy as someone who will represent you with the utmost professionalism in your search - and will also take a genuine interest in you as a person with unique needs.

R. Dworman
Paramount Pictures

Amy Greenberg works magic! She found me a super chic Condo in Larchmont Village, California that was so perfect for me it was shocking...close to where I work in Downtown LA, but also an easy drive to visit my parents on the Westside on weekends. AND most importantly, a major longterm investment property for my future in a really hot area.

Amy is some kind of real estate guru marvel...I've watched her work the maps, the MLS, the phone- she leaves no stone unturned! And then she negotiated every step so I didn't have to...I seriously underestimated what goes on in Escrow: DO NOT undervalue what goes on during those "innocent" inspection/repair negotiations...Amy's experience and "silk glove" is the reason we survived.

I"m convinced no other realtor could have accomplished this but Amy... the fact that we were in a buyer's bidding war terrified me and my family...we put all our trust in Amy (who was as cool as a cucumber), she aced everything, and now I'm living in this turn-key, mod condo in a city I love to call my home...with sweet views of the Hollywood Sign!

K. Bluestone, R.N.
Larchmont Village, California


Me and my whole family want to say thank you very much!!! We recognize that you have an amazing work ethic and attention to detail. This was not an easy deal to put together on many levels from the start, so we all feel like you showed tremendous professionalism, tenacity and patience which we are all grateful for.

R. Stewart
Film Location Mgr & Investor
Malibu, CA