Ana Tanasa

Ana Tanasa
Team Leader
Siempre Playa Midtown Calle 38 Nte. Y 77720

Meet Ana Tanasa, an accomplished real estate professional and esteemed team leader with a wealth of experience in the Mexico Caribbean market. With 10 years in the industry, Ana has been instrumental in guiding clients through the intricacies of buying and selling properties in this stunning region.

Ana is originally from Bucharest, Romania and lived in different countries such as Spain and Greece and has been calling Mexico her home for almost 14 years.

As a team leader, Ana has built and nurtured a dynamic group of real estate professionals, fostering a culture of excellence, collaboration, and unwavering dedication to client satisfaction. Her ability to inspire and motivate her team members has resulted in numerous successful transactions and delighted clients.

Having a deep understanding of the Mexico Caribbean real estate landscape, Ana possesses an extensive network of industry contacts and local knowledge, allowing them to identify lucrative investment opportunities and provide comprehensive market insights. Their expertise extends across a wide range of property types, including luxury estates, vacation homes, and commercial developments.

Ana's commitment to delivering exceptional customer service is unparalleled. They take pride in providing personalized guidance to clients, carefully tailoring their approach to meet each individual's unique needs and aspirations. Whether it's helping clients find their dream beachfront property or maximizing their investment potential, Ana's driven by a genuine passion for real estate and a relentless pursuit of client satisfaction.

Through her exceptional leadership, extensive expertise, and unwavering professionalism, Ana continues to make a significant impact in the Mexico Caribbean real estate market. With her team at the helm, you can trust that your real estate goals will be met with the utmost care, precision, and expertise.