Anel Nurseitova-Kanapin

Anel Nurseitova-Kanapin
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
578 Driggs Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11211
License: 10401333136

As she stared up at the sky scrapers of NYC, she was mesmerized and intrigued. There was a sparkle in her eyes as she imagined as a kid at how luxurious it must be to live in one of those sky scrapers. It was this love of NY which inspired Anel to make the same area home for others. With 10+ years in the sales industry, Anel, most recently was involved in specialty pharmaceutical sales, where her clients were psychiatrists in Lower & Midtown Manhattan. This exposure led her to extensive knowledge of the city and all it has to offer. Ultimately, it's the desire to build strong relationships with her clients and wanting for all parties involved to win, which would lead to her ultimate success.

Why choose Anel as your real estate agent?

One of Anel's core values in life is "Winning Together". Her passion & willingness to help clients find their dream homes exceeds expectations. She is dedicated to understanding all of your needs and will put an enormous amount of effort to find a special property in your neighborhood of choice. As a life long resident of NYC, Anel puts her insider knowledge to work, to help you select the most suitable neighborhood and home for you and your family. In order to follow through, she uses the latest internet marketing tools to uncover your next luxury rental or home. You can be at ease, while she devotes her full energy to transcend above & beyond your needs!