Arthur Kotliarovas

Arthur Kotliarovas
Real Estate Broker
European Headquarters | 169 Piccadilly, 5th Floor, Mayfair, London W1J 9EH

It takes a special kind of person to move to a new, strange country with little money, few possessions, no knowledge of the language and to eventually build up a successful career.

Originally from Lithuania, Arthur arrived in London with little more than a few hundred pounds and a change of clothes, along with a desire to see and experience another side of life, another part of the world. Taking any work, he could get, Arthur went from working in McDonalds to labouring on construction sites before landing a role in the events industry, whilst any spare time he had was taken up putting himself through university, earning a bachelor’s degree in Hospitality and Business Management.

Prior to switching gears and transitioning to Real Estate, Arthur worked his way up to a management position, a role delivering fine dining experiences at some of the most prestigious venues and private homes in and around London.

His people first, quality over quantity philosophy has built him a reputation among his peers and clients. The ability to forge meaningful relationships coupled with his intimate knowledge of the Real Estate market, makes him a perfect partner to navigate complexities of real estate transactions.

His 360-degree understanding of all aspects of the residential real estate, allied with his ability to cut through the challenges that come hand in hand with selling premium properties, have made Arthur one of standout real estate advisors.

Arthur’s area of expertise is high-end luxury properties, new build and architecturally interesting one-of-a-kind homes, and residential development sites. One of the ways he is successful at what he does is that he realises that such properties require a bespoke approach, tailored to the property itself, the area, the seller, and the potential buyers. He also works very closely with some of the city’s leading property developers, architects, and investors to identify opportunities for new projects.

Focussing on properties above £1Million in Prime Central London & South West London locations Arthur would love to hear from you if you are looking to buy, sell, or are just curious about the market.