Christian Diffendale

Christian Diffendale
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
505 Park Ave, New York, NY 10022
Fax: 212.252.9347

Christian Diffendale is one of New York City’s newest, and most hungry agents. He approaches real estate with a dense background in finance, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy, which complements the way he works with his clients. Christian certainly cares most about two things – finding the best possible property for his client, and at a better price than they could hope for.

Christian’s heightened level of empathy and excitement for working in one of the most competitive, advantageous, and unique markets in the world is his unique formula for getting to know his clients on the level necessary to be the best broker they could ever ask for, and honestly, ever will. With the few days of the year brokers step away from their work, Christian values traveling and attending live music and sporting events. Further, Christian has built and maintained a strong philanthropic pursuit, actively participating in and organizing charitable events in New York City and Long Island.

Christian’s childhood started in St. James, Long Island, and was a frequent traveler to both New York City and the Hamptons. He began learning all facets of the City and the Island from a very young age. Real Estate was always mesmerizing to him, which is why he began his career in finance and entrepreneurship whilst abroad in Barcelona. He continued his career in different fields of finance while in New York City, which was a great strategy to build his client base with higher net worth individuals. Throughout his adult life, Christian has brought several buyers, developers, and equity partners into his network to launch himself in his career. The hardest decision, really, for Christian was whether to build his business in New York City or in The Hamptons, but by joining NestSeekers, he’s excited that he’s able to conquer both – two of the best markets in the US, or better yet, the world.

Christian works on a small boutique team within NestSeekers International and is excited to work amongst the best in the business. Starting headfast and strong-minded is what he is very proud of. What makes him even more proud, however, is the opportunity and success he’s shown with every client and his impressive ability to stimulate new business.

Christian graduated with honors and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Economics. He studied International Business at the IQS School in Barcelona. He was recruited as a collegiate athlete and is a cancer survivor.