Christine LaPuma

Christine LaPuma
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
594 Broadway, New York, NY 10012, USA
License: 10401344738
Mobile: +19723228647

Hailing from Dallas, Christine holds southern hospitality and charm that she applies to the industry and is apparent when working with clients. While studying Public Relations and Business at the University of Texas at Austin, Christine learned about the importance of advertising and positioning a product appropriately within a given market, while furthering her already inherent interpersonal skills.

Her eagerness for perspective and adventure inspired her to live in Barcelona and to ultimately move to New York. Over the past few years, she has been an energetic photographer, content creator, and blogger, garnering over 10,000 followers while building numerous professional relationships. With a majority of that work being done in the home, she understands the importance of finding the right space and meeting the individual needs of each client.

Christine began her experience in real estate by assisting in underwriting and inspecting small multi-family investment properties in the Pennsylvania area. When she isn't working, she enjoys runs through Central Park, trying new restaurants, and traveling. With a background prioritizing engagement, Christine is always active and communicative, while helping clients achieve their personal and financial goals.