David Sul Da Costa

David Sul Da Costa
Real Estate Consultant
Avenida da Liberdade 69, 4ºC, 1250-140 Lisbon
License: n/a

Very early on, at the age of 20, David Sul da Costa entered the real estate market whilst attending Law School. From freelancing to collaborating with the best Portuguese real estate companies for over 25 years, David has gathered extensive experience and knowledge in the field, reinforced by his passion for this area of expertise, a passion which took shape in 2018 with the creation of his own real estate company. His ability to deal with people from various backgrounds and multiple nationalities is one he finds most enriching and stimulating. His empathetic skills are innate and prove to be an asset when dealing with customers whose loyalty is proven by relationships that started over 20 years ago. Persistence and creativity helped him withstand the global real estate crisis in which he saw not only an opportunity but also a challenge.

David speaks Portuguese, English, Spanish and has some knowledge of the German language as well. Married and a father of three, David cherishes his family with whom he shares his love for sports in which he also proves to be as versatile as in business. He’s learned three martial arts, loves to venture out in his quad bike and keeps practising his lifelong passions of surfing and skateboarding. Currently, he is more inclined to golf, although he continues to enjoy skating with his daughters. David sees Nest Seekers as the biggest challenge in his professional career.