Davinia Caldes

Davinia Caldes
Real Estate Agent
Carrer de Joan de Cremona, 6, 07012 Palma, Illes Balears, Spain
Mobile: +34617499641

Davinia is a highly sought after estate agent as she is the first realtor to offer an exclusive and innovative service to the client, a 360o service that leaves no one indifferent. She has a team of consolidated professionals in Mallorca, characterised by their discretion, honesty and professionalism. Davinia is enterprising, passionate, resolute and a designer of illusions that take shape with each of her projects, taking care of every detail to the maximum.

Dedicated to the world of private enterprise for more than 20 years, her professional career began in her father's law firm in the hospitality delegation. She started as a personal management assistant, a task she performed with great dedication and which allowed her to specialise in customer service for years, after being involved in the accounting and human resources department, she gained a great deal of experience in the company's financial department. Her career in the hospitality industry ended with her position as quality manager of the different hotels on the island and Ibiza that were part of the business group, having more than 40 employees under her responsibility, overcoming the crisis year of 2008 by generating successful contracts with tour operators until 2010. Davinia has been continuously training herself as her aim is to be a prestigious professional, and this has been recognised with the qualifications obtained at the prestigious ESERP business school where she successfully graduated with her MBA Administration and was awarded the prize for the best business project.

After closing the hospitality delegation, she dedicated herself to holiday rentals and flat sales in Ibiza, in the area of Sant Joan de Labritja, where her interest in learning more and more about the world of real estate began to awaken. It was then that she decided to go to New York for 6 months to improve her English and to work in a prefabricated house development company, where she discovered that her future would be dedicated exclusively to the world of real estate.

When she returned to Palma de Mallorca, she was the manager of her father's company until she finally decided to go her own way and created DAVINIA CALDÉS. While she was creating the company, she did not stop training herself, obtaining qualifications at the prestigious Home Staging School and Interior Design School in Madrid, which allowed her to create her differentiating value, a real estate agency that offers an exclusive Home Staging service to homeowners.

Davinia Caldés was born in Barcelona, but her family moved to Mallorca for work reasons. She lived in New York in 2012, a city of which she has a special affection and as she says "will always have a piece of her heart". She currently lives in Palma de Mallorca with her husband and three dogs. An animal lover, loyal to her friends and family, she is passionate about travelling and everything related to technological progress, and has a special sensitivity for decoration and styling.