Eric Mazza

Eric Mazza
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
505 Park Ave, New York, NY 10022
License: 10401275958

Eric Mazza started his real estate career working in his family’s title insurance company in Brooklyn. From drawing up deal sheets in the office to representing the title company at the closing table, Eric has been immersed in real estate from a young age. His time in title insurance has helped him develop many connections in all areas of the real estate industry and experience that goes beyond just sales.

In New York, success takes someone who can visualize your needs, keep clear and open communication, and the fortitude to stay upbeat while traversing through the nuances and complexities of such a unique market. Eric’s action-oriented and confident approach helps increase the chances of his client’s success by exploring every possibility. His competitive nature, tenacity, and drive constantly creates opportunities for his clients.

In his own words, “I’m in the business of creating and fostering relationships. Although my designation is salesperson, I see myself as a real estate adviser. I look out for each client’s individual needs, both short and long term.”

Outside of real estate, Eric enjoys playing ice hockey, going fishing, and traveling. With recent trips to England, Belgium, India, and the Maldives, Eric embraced experiencing different cultures and making friends from all around the world.