Gonzalo Andres Otaola Cortina

Gonzalo Andres Otaola Cortina
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson | The Mansilla Team
888 Biscayne Blvd # Unit CU9 Miami, FL 33132
License: SL3455431

Gonzalo Otaola is a young well-traveled artist entrepreneur and Miami local. Setting him apart from other emerging artist is Gonzalo’s vision for the city which he believes has the potential of becoming a universal model for development and innovation. He sees the city as a first-year college girl pursuing arts and fashion — a postcard picture that is both attractive and promising, yet with much room for maturity and direction. Gonzalo is convinced that it is the mindset of Miami locals who will decide whether she will get stuck playing secondary roles or if she will commandeer a career as a memorable protagonist in the future of cities.

Gonzalo trusts that the path of real estate will help him pursue his artistic projects, which he uses as funnels for local causes such as LEAP and Lotus House, and also enable him to pursue a career in what he describes as conscious development. Gonzalo incorporates his passion of the arts into his marketing campaigns, turning houses into homes and homes into “spaces of light”. He is an artist that also collects art, designs his own clothing brand, and he finds his calling in being a part of the growth of the city he loves.

Gonzalo is convinced that the greatest obstacle to sustainable progress is two-fold: A cultural distancing from the wisdom of our roots with regards to our resources, which were once defined sacred, and our individual resilience as human beings endowed with divine traits that enable us to thrive under any given circumstance. After spending over three years in France, and five years in the U.S. as a foreign student, he had been met with a spectrum of impassioned experiences that greatly influenced his academic study of Economics. From his intimate relation with studies of psychology, sociology, world politics, art history, and the less academic subject matter of ancient wisdom, Gonzalo learned to look at the questions of development from an open and multidimensional scope.

In the two years since he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in International Economics, Gonzalo has learned to curate galleries and collect timeless pieces, to organize Eastern-European brand activation events with Brazilian influencers, to serve French designers proper Italian Macchiatos, to participate in an award-winning architecture proposal supported by the World Bank, to manage an international jewelry store in Miami’s Design District and to work on his fourth language in São Paulo on a brand training mission. He recognized that the blessing of a ride can truly be acknowledged in its purpose if bold action is taken first in Miami and later, with a few stops across the globe, in his motherland of Venezuela. Calling him, you dial D.C. and an artists answers.