Isabel Dovale

Isabel Dovale
Commercial and Residential Realtor
271 North Canon Drive Beverly Hills, CA 90210
License: 02167739

Isabel Belen Dovale:

A Chicago native and graduate from Loyola University in Neuroscience and French Language and Literature, Isabel has paved her name through commercial and residential real estate in the Los Angeles county. From what began as a pre-medical trajectory, she has transcribed her worth ethic into a newfound passion for luxury real estate.

Just as she has helped lead the first chapter of Loyola's Neuroscience Honors Society, she found leadership and entrepreneurship alike in this field. Her background also includes an immersive, "French In Medicine" study abroad program in Montréal, coupled with years of international travel. She has applied herself in fields of every kind and nature to explore opportunities and push herself to engage new perspectives. Including personal and group fitness instructing, choreography, classical vocal training and performance, bartending, serving, exam prep tutoring, modeling, geriatric and pediatric caregiving, research and a contributing co-author in published manuscripts of the American Journal of Community Psychology, public speaking, and more. These actions were not executed to "check off" boxes in her resume, but rather, solidify her passion to connect with others, evoke compassion and understanding, and ultimately, provide sincere care and service.

Despite the unusual pair, her niche in Neuroscience has supplemented her affairs with sales and negotiation without question. At the end of the day, it's a people business. It's her extroverted persona that steered her towards a career in real estate, and to her surprise, her years of research lab experience didn't go to waste as they have contributed to an astute capability of staying committed to the data of our current market trends and investigating the outcomes.

In this vocational transition, she built a village of support to push the boundaries of a conventional agent. It's impossible to be a master in every field, so she has gathered a team of high-caliber professionals to cover every facet. From developing well-thought-out approaches in new age tech, implementing individualized marketing in search engine optimization, and integrating her working relationship with an established video production company, to deliver pristine real estate service and ensuring your needs are both heard and met by yours truly.