Jason Jiang

Jason Jiang
Licensed NY Real Estate Agent & Advisor
415 Madison Avenue New York, NY 10017
License: 10401340483

Jason was born in Toronto and grew up in Wisconsin. He attended the University of Wisconsin where he first exhibited his entrepreneurial nature building LIMITLESS Rx - a lifestyle fitness brand. He leveraged his eclectic skillsets and knowledge as a certified personal trainer and passionate entrepreneur serving his local college community. Starting his business in the gym of a luxury new development, Jason started to develop an appreciation for real estate.

Growing up with big dreams and an insatiable drive, Jason knew he had to relocate if he was to ever live the life he imagined.

After graduating from the University of Wisconsin with a degree in Management and a Certificate in Entrepreneurship, Jason was nominated as a Class of 2019 Selection Day Finalist from the prestigious entrepreneurial fellowship, Venture For America. As with many plans in life, Jason's plan did not go as hoped.

He was rejected final round.

Unlike many, Jason did not give up on his dreams. The Universe had other plans for him.

With just a dollar and a dream, Jason ventured to the city of dreams - New York City.

Jason spent his first year successfully pioneering a scaleable, outbound sales playbook as Outbound Sales Lead at a rapidly growing Y Combinator biotech robotics startup and a search engine marketer at a Big 5 Ad Agency.

After his first year in NYC, Jason became mesmerized with the Manhattan skylines.

He soon discovered his true passion: real estate, the people of New York, and its deep, unique culture.

Jason understands the stress of finding your ideal apartment and the level of trust a client places within their agent.

After all, he moved to NYC on his own with nothing but a suitcase and zero connections.

When he's not running around Manhattan serving his clients, you can find him working out at Equinox, listening to classic rock, watching the latest movie, or laughing with friends.

Let him help you buy, sell, or rent today!

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