Jason Santos

Jason Santos
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
55 Christopher Street
License: 10401323031

Jason has spent most of his life living in New York. Although he loves to travel and has lived as far as Holland, he always finds his way back to his home state of New York. Jason has always been involved in the home buying process through his family endeavors in the construction or masonry business. His father has owned his own masonry business since he can remember and his older brother went on to start his own business – now developing high-rises in New York.

Jason graduated from Loyola University Maryland with a Bachelors in Business Administration. His concentration in finance and information systems helped build curiosity about how technology is changing business / finance and how that is affecting the economy. Combined with his family’s focus on building homes, Jason wants to dive deep into the world of real estate, not only to learn more for his own person but also to help others understand the complexities that come with the financial obstacles of real estate. Jason’s understanding of the financial markets has helped his clients feel comfortable throughout the buying or selling process.

Aside from his interest in real estate, Jason is working to build a brand that he is the center of. Jason’s social mission is to connect or educate people through the personal touch of social media using creative, original content. Jason has a quickly growing social media following and posts daily on his blogs. He is very active and loves to answer connect with everyone. Social media is a great place to reach Jason as he is constantly engaged in the community that is New York City.

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