Jennyrose Halupka

Jennyrose Halupka
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
326 Tompkins Ave
License: 10401292655
Fax: 212.252.9347

Shifting gears from a career as an environmental scientist to being a real estate agent specializing in new development was a seamless transition for Jennyrose. Her vision is simple, address what the market needs with a socially responsible approach in mind, while also connecting buyers to their own sustainable investments. Whether it be sales, development or design, she is highly competent and always up for a challenge. Studying biology and business in college and working at an environmental engineering firm, spawned her passion for urban redevelopment projects and pre-development phases drew her in to the new development real estate sales and marketing world. She believes that real estate requires a fusion of talents and qualities, blending a breadth of areas such as market research, financial savviness, client hospitality and environmental awareness. When working with clients, designers and architects she applies a calm, creative and open-minded demeanor balanced by her analytical dexterity and attention to detail. Outside of her passion for real estate you can find Jennyrose trying new restaurants, practicing yoga or traveling to feed her desire to explore the world!