Jesse Reina

Jesse Reina
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
594 Broadway, New York, NY 10012, USA
License: Real Estate Salesperson 10401345148
Mobile: +17325707546

Born and raised just outside of New York City and previously attending school in Miami, Jesse Reina has an unparalleled passion for the two greatest cities in the world. These places are a part of his DNA, he has a long lasting love and admiration for the uniqueness of their cultures, and a deep understanding of what makes them so special. A sneaker connoisseur, battered but eternally optimistic Mets fan, Spotify playlist curator, and unapologetic consumer of reality TV, Jesse is gregarious, approachable, and dedicated to ensure his clients have nothing short of a fantastic experience.

Jesse Reina is committed to working diligently to provide his clients with support throughout the entire transaction. He will be an advisor on all aspects of the real estate transaction, giving his clients the insight and advice they need to create and grow their financial equity. His brand is built on the promise to be a pillar of support for his clients, establishing a longstanding relationship that will continue long after the transaction has closed.

Jesse Reina is a Licensed Real Estate Sales Agent and graduate of the University of Miami. It’s all about the U.