Jimmy Rodriguez

Jimmy Rodriguez
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
140 Bay St #1 Jersey City NJ
License: 1648041
Phone: 201.225.8655Ext.4749
Mobile: 201.658.8053
Fax: 201.604.6474

The benefit of being a "Jack of all Trades" is a constant thirst for knowledge. Jimmy Rodriguez has definitely been through many experiences to weigh in his value. With a B.S.. Degree in Biology, his mind is always prone to being innovative. 10 years of Mortgage background along with Title and Construction places him in a perfect fit for Jersey City's booming real-estate market.

Jimmy is well known in the community for introducing one of the1st food trucks to downtown Jersey City and continues his passion for adventure travel.

"Before Starting my real-estate career I learned everything I could about tile and design". Today builders, developers and contractors purchase their tile and designs from Jimmy. This combination excels him among realtors who are not trained in the finish work. Contact him to see what vision he has in mind for your property.