Jorge Próspero dos Santos testimonials

Jorge Próspero dos Santos
International Real Estate Manager
License: Post Degree Real Estate Managment

“Mr. Jorge Prospero is always ready to respond to the opportunities that he is facing. He is very accurate and elegant in the offer itself and in communicating with the general public interested in investment properties. The most important characteristics are sensitivity and practicality. I am pleased to work with him.”

Italo Cipriani | Entrepreneur | Hotel Investor in Brazil

“I have dealt with Jorge in the context of real estate in Portugal. I have found him to be efficient and available. We were looking for developments prospects for our land in the context of a small housing development targeting the European clients and Jorge came up with interesting ideas. He also markter efficiently another property we own. Ins is a serious company, well respected locally.”

Marcella Franchi | Strategy and Communication at Haffner Energy - Director at Sol Domus Ltd, ActionWork Lda - Business Administrator at MM1 S.A. | Portugal

“Jorge is one of the best real estate professionals of the HIGHSegment that I have encountered in the past. He is honest and very professional.”

José Almeida | Partner & Founder of Ideias &B Desafos / Results Driven - Sales and Leadership Trainer, Author, Sales Coach, Public Speaker | Portugal