Kara Minogue

Kara Minogue
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
594 Broadway, New York, NY 10012, USA
License: 10401349114
Mobile: +17082993229

Kara Minogue has an advantageous perspective in understanding a Real Estate client’s needs both in finding the right space for them and securing the selling agreement, as well as, supporting them through the emotional labor that can go with the process of buying/selling property. Kara's success culminates with her ability to combine her passion for real estate with her intuition regarding the psychology of buying and selling. Originating from Chicago and she spent most of her adult life on the East Coast. She graduated from Lesley University in Boston, where her field of study was Holistic Psychology. That formative point of view gives her a philosophical foundation to approach business and sales, strengthens her understanding of how the big picture is a reflection of its many detailed parts, and allows her to be cognizant of, and anticipate, the steps necessary to optimize her client’s desires to find the best space for their lifestyle, or buyer for their property. The premise that there are many facets that make up the day to day human experience each one creating physical and mental wellness is a philosophy she holds close, and a skill-set she translates into her work as a Real Estate agent without losing site of the nuts and bolts practical, and financial, aspects of representing a client. She has worked in sales for the past 15 years, has razor-sharp business acumen and unwavering attention to detail. Her diligence with regard to staying well informed about the market, cultivating long-term and trusted relationships with colleagues in the real estate and finance fields, and a keen eye for value translates strongly into her ability to locate listings and negotiate with a focus on her client’s needs, desires, and priorities finding them the property, or buyer, that exactly fits a client’s needs in a timely manner. Kara organically builds a relationship with her clients, and her track record is possible because she listens to their wants and needs regarding their visions for their future property, or desired outcome for the sale of their current one. She has proven herself to be trust-worthy, dedicated to facilitating an enjoyable buying/selling process optimizing for her clients' holistic satisfaction, and is committed to providing a stress-free experience to her clients earning their trust, referrals, and repeat business.