Krishan Mistry

Krishan Mistry
Real Estate Broker
Commerce Square, The Lace Market, Nottingham, NG1 1HS.

I am a person who is all for turning your passions and interests into a job that way it won't be work but it'll be fun. That's why I am on a mission; a mission to turn my skills and passions into services which I am able to make your life that little bit easier!

Krishan was born and raised in Leeds, England. He is able to speak two languages - Gujarati and English which helped him whilst working and attending university in Leicester where there is a huge Asian community.

Working for free at a local estate agent in his home city, is where he gained an insight and built up knowledge within the industry and the business world. Having a natural charm, confidence and a way with words definitely helped Krishan achieve many wants but also helped him stand out from the crowd. His charismatic personality, sense of humor, soaring energy and love for real estate have made Krishan one of the most up and coming brokers on the real estate circuit. His particular upbringing and age enables him to connect with clients of all ages.

Krishan truly believe that what you want exists. Don't settle and work hard until you get it. If you challenge yourself, it will only lead to growth and that is why Krishan joined Nest Seekers - to grow into the best possible version of himself.