Maria Teresa Ferri Durand

Maria Teresa Ferri Durand
Via Andrea Appiani, 25, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

Since 1994 I have played a leading role in the period of the boom of Italian investors on the French Riviera, Paris and Milan, offering a service at the highest level of consultancy and assistance, with a wide range of operations, selection and presentation of the best proposals offered of the luxury real estate market in France/Italy, dealing with renovation and interior design, consultancy, banking, notary and tax assistance. This wonderful mission allowed me to travel, learn about cities, customs and fashions from France and Italy.

I define myself as a broker of properties and luxury homes.

Together with my husband Daniel, designer of the most beautiful villas in Provence, fascinated by everything that is luxury and style, we opened a company that has been the point of reference for years for customers who have particular housing needs and favor charming properties both in Italy and abroad.

The word of mouth from my loyal customers over these years of work is my great satisfaction.

Time passes but passion remains.