Mia Najem

Mia Najem
888 Biscayne Blvd # Unit CU9 Miami, FL 33132
License: Real Estate Agent
Mobile: +15616995309

Born and raised on the sunny west coast of California and a native of South Florida, our distinguished luxury real estate professional hails from a background rich in coastal influences. Residing in the progressive city of Miami, she brings an unparalleled level of excellence, sophistication, and outgoing energy to the realm of luxury real estate. Her professionalism, coupled with an innate understanding of the luxury market, positions her as a trusted advisor for those in pursuit of homes that redefine luxury. With an educational foundation rooted in the art of negotiation, she demonstrates mastery in securing the most favorable terms for her clients, ensuring their real estate transactions are seamless and financially advantageous.

Beyond her prowess in real estate, her diverse interests set her apart. As a seasoned Padel enthusiast, she effortlessly combines her love for sports with an intimate knowledge of the most exclusive sporting communities, ensuring clients find homes that cater to their active lifestyles. A connoisseur of speed and glamour, her fascination with F1 racing in Monaco aligns seamlessly with her clientele's taste for the extraordinary. She is not just an agent; she is a lifestyle curator. A self-proclaimed foodie at heart, she not only guides clients to the most exclusive residences but also curates the perfect path to their favorite restaurants in Miami. With a unique blend of intuition and a profound understanding of individual client needs, she navigates the intricate landscape of luxury real estate with a keen focus on their specific interests and a deep appreciation for the lasting value of their new dwelling in the city. Recognizing that each client brings a distinct set of preferences and lifestyle aspirations to the table, she approaches every transaction as a personalized journey.

Whether it's curating a home near exclusive sporting communities for the avid sports enthusiast or securing a residence near cultural hotspots for the discerning art connoisseur, her commitment is to seamlessly align their desires with the unparalleled offerings of the market. Her commitment extends beyond property transactions, ensuring clients have seamless access to luxury accommodations, bespoke travel services, and even unforgettable yachting experiences in the breathtaking waters of Miami. With her as your agent, the journey to finding your dream residence becomes a personalized and luxurious adventure, encompassing not only the finest homes but also a lifestyle tailored to your unique interests and desires.