Michelle Roa testimonials

Michelle Roa
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"I am pleased to provide my enthusiastic recommendation for Michelle's representation to anyone looking to purchase or rent an apartment in NYC. Michelle just helped me buy my first apartment in NYC and her assistance and guidance was invaluable. Not knowing the NYC market at all and the quirks and nuances that seemed very foreign, she kept me oriented and educated me on how things work in the city in general and with Coops specifically. She was tireless in her pursuit, in a very difficult market, and was always punctual (she is never late to a meeting). She provided key tips along the way and her referrals for the necessary partners, a bank and a lawyer, were excellent! I highly recommend Michelle to anyone looking to move!"- Dan Highham

“Polite, courteous, and professional,” Michelle has the marketexpertise to make sure her clients’ find the right property, and thedrive to make sure they get the right result. Look forward toworking with again in the future!"- Aaron Olsen

"We went to Michelle and her expertise in NY real estate to find our first apartment in the city. I could not have asked for someone better to help us navigate the city and all of its many offerings. Such a kind, motivated, and helpful broker. I would recommend Michelle to anyone looking to find their perfect place in the city without much stress and tears."- Matt Walker

"Michelle is simply a pleasure to work with. She not only provides competent service and hard work, but more importantly, she brings her effervescent spirit with her each step of the way. In New York's real estate jungle, Michelle is a rare friendly face with tremendous expertise and a passion for her clients. I cannot recommend her highly enough!" - Joey Spitz

"Michelle was a pleasure to have as my leasing agent. She never left any questions unanswered and was timely in her response. She worked hard, showed units as advertised, and put in the effort to ensure the deal closed properly. I would definitely use her again in the future when looking for apartments. Very highly recommended!" - Ryan Meier

"Michelle is a fantastic broker. She is really positive and knows everything there is to know about Downtown New York. Excellent attention to detail and very honest, I would highly recommend using Michelle for anyone looking to rent or buy an apartment in downtown NYC." - Simon Revere