Nuno Franco testimonials

Without Nuno I would not, and could not, have bought my property in Lisbon. He helped me every step of the way, with speed and professionalism. His expertise in the property market is second to none, and this was invaluable when I made my purchase. He is always ready to help with any queries I have. I recommend him without hesitation.

Jane H-Ahmed (UK)


We cannot recommend Nuno enough - he is not just a brilliant property consultant, but also a great human being.

We moved from Singapore to Portugal - two countries that are worlds apart. When our quest to buy a house in Portugal began, our first three trips were futile and we had no luck with finding the right property. It was only when we got in contact with Nuno Franco, that we experienced how a professional property consultant operates.

After a short, brief conversation on what our expectations were for the home, Nuno immediately started sending us a list of suitable properties. Nuno’s strength lies in his perception and immense understanding of the client’s requirements.

Never did he try and sway our judgment during any viewing or rush us during the process. He has the patience and perseverance to get the job done and is incredibly respectful of your time and investment.

Even after we bought the property, our association with Nuno has continued.

As the relocation brought about further challenges, Nuno has been very forthcoming to assist us when and where he could.

Sanjeev Khanna (Singapore)


When we decided to buy a home in Lisbon we contacted Nuno. He helped us in a very professional way and with great knowledge in our search for housing and in all matter which arose. Nuno showed a great interest, commitment and honesty which is why we want to give Nuno our very best recommendations.

Bjorn Pattersson (Sweden)


Nuno is one of a kind. He's tireless and committed, and thanks to him and his expertise we were able to find our dream house in Cascais. Even after the purchase, Nuno was always available to help us with all the details concerning our relocation, which made the process much easier and stress free. I highly recommend Nuno to anyone that is considering to buy a house in Portugal. We can't thank him enough for all his help.

Anu Kauranen (Finland)


I will absolutely recommend Nuno.

Nuno is the person to have as a speaking partner, adviser, and real estate agent. He has great knowledge about the housing market here in Portugal.

We recently moved to Portugal and came in contact with Nuno very early in our project moving here. Without Nuno it would have been a much harder journey, helping us beyond real estate questions, with all sorts of things and daily matters starting up here in Portugal. All our questions have been answered by email or phone in minutes, always online and fast.

We can’t thank You enough Nuno, you have been very important in our move to Portugal.

Ulf Hansson (Sweden)


Nuno has been brilliant, by asking us all the right questions he allowed a deeper réflexion about the reason for buying in Portugal but most importantly narrowing our search for the right property. We found our house after he organized three-day full-time visits. We are so glad we met him and we love living in Portugal! The greatest decision we made with Nuno’s guidance and help.

Valerie Pachoud (Switzerland)


Nuno is a very interested agent, always focus of what clients ask for, not only to buy but also to rent. Nuno continues to help clients after they have arrived, Nuno means service for me.

Karl-Olof Ohrn (Sweden)