Nurie Metodieva

Nurie Metodieva
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
415 Madison Avenue New York, NY 10017
505 Park Ave, New York, NY 10022

Nurie Metodieva learned early on in life that hard work and dedication always pay off, something she's taken with her on her journey of stopping at nothing to embody a top performing Manhattan agent. Born in Bulgaria but raised in New York City, Nurie currently resides in Queens and uses her passion for aiding and advocating for people to make a professional mark on the city that never sleeps. This passion for advocating and helping others in knowing and understanding their rights was sparked by her personal experience of moving to the United States with her family at the age of eight. Her parents and grandparents did not know much about the rights they had as tenants; and later when they wanted to buy a home, they did not know much about that process either. Not knowing the rights one has leaves him/her vulnerable for anyone in this cut-throat industry to take advantage of that lack of knowledge.

For this reason, Nurie strongly believes that it is her job to assist and update clients on the current events of the real estate market before they rent, buy or sell a home. Possessing the market knowledge and the real estate verbiage prepares and equips clients for the process awaiting ahead so that they may feel confident in their decision at closing.

Nurie's aspirations for creating an everlasting bond with her clients not only comes natural for her but is also a fundamental reason for why she chose to work at Nest Seekers International to showcase her talents, as the firm truly values building strong relationships.

Practicing the physical, mental, and moral martial art of Judo for eight years, her strategy and agility of combatting any obstacles her clients may face is handled with ease. Her primary reason for joining the real estate field stems from her yearn to be a service to her community and clients.

When Nurie isn't out there on the field finding home seekers their dream homes, she's studying as an undergraduate at Syracuse University majoring in Communications and Rhetorical Studies, with a dual degree in Political Science and a minor in Business, all while maintaining a 4.0 grade point average. She's also a member of both Alpha Kappa Psi and Phi Alpha Delta, two of the world's oldest and largest co-ed professional business and law fraternities. Since becoming a member of these two professional and esteemed communities, Nurie has enhanced her public speaking skills, her critical thinking skills, networking skills, and her knowledge of business.

Dedicated to her studies and profession, Nurie proves how hardworking and committed she is not only as a student but also an agent. Staying as busy as the streets of New York in her free time, Nurie enjoys grabbing a fresh slice of pizza from Joe's, eating some flavorful gelato from Grom's and spending time with friends in SoHo, Washington Square Park and Brooklyn Heights. A natural New Yorker, Nurie loves traversing through the city's hidden gems such as the WNYC Transmitter Park in Greenpoint, trying new styles of cuisine and admiring the views from Brooklyn Bridge Park, where she often hosts weekend family barbecues at The Picnic Peninsula. She also enjoys traveling and can speak Bulgarian and hold conversations in Spanish.