Peggy Zabakolas Esq testimonials

Peggy Zabakolas Esq
License: 10301213061

--"Barbara and I have bought and sold 13 properties over our 37 years of marriage. So, when it came to finding our second New York City apartment we dreaded the idea of having to call “another broker”. As usual, we were prepared for the same old run around and the usual self serving behavior we received on so many other occasions.

--"We met Peggy and the first thing we noticed was her last name. Being Greek, it was wonderful to deal with what we refer to in our family as “a nice Greek girl”. So here’s the difference. She was extremely professional and very honest with us about the goals of the seller and listened carefully about what we wanted. From that point, things stayed on a pretty steady course. She never diverted, she never misrepresented, she never missed an appointment and she responded to our calls and text immediately. She was professional from the start, an excellent negotiator and remained so through and after the transaction. If you do the basics really well, you succeed in this world because no one seems to care about the “basics”. I would highly recommend working with Peggy on a purchase, a sale or rental. Excellent, with the added benefit of being a “nice Greek girl." - John and Barbara

--"I feel so grateful to have had Peggy help sell our first home in NYC. She was able to guide us through everything and made what I thought was a complicated and scary process feel simply and easy. I refer Peggy to all our friends and family in NYC with real estate needs and everyone has had the same wonderful experience working with her as we did. She is the ultimate professional and we couldn't recommend a better broker for your real estate needs." - D. Tsai

--"Peggy Z helped me close on my first real estate property. She helped me through the entire process, and ever since, she's proven reliable time and time again. Peggy's knowledge, client care, and passion for the work makes her the first and only person we go to for our entire family's NYC real estate dealings and immediately the person we recommend to anyone who asks."-Jason Wong

--"Buying or selling a real estate property can be a bit daunting, but, buying or selling a property in New York City is definitely more of a challenge not so far removed from getting a root canal. You will need a good real estate agent. A guide, someone to shepherd you through the myriad of odd rules specific to the city, the limited inventory and the astronomical prices. We were fortunate to get to work with Peggy Zabakolas part of the Serhant team at Nest Seekers. Peggy “Z” not only got us in our dream apartment but she made the process as smooth as silk. She kept us informed, educated and continues to follow up with us. She comes across as a consummate professional, which she is, but she also possesses a warm and engaging personality that manifests itself from the moment you meet her. It didn’t take long for us to realize that Peggy was not only our realtor but she was our friend! In short, if you are looking to buy or sell a property in NYC you can’t go wrong with Peggy. We love our apartment and we have her to thank." -Patrick and Jennifer Lindsay"

--"Peg - and I am highlighting this abbreviation of her name because this is exactly how she is and what one would expect when hiring her as their broker: Professional, Elegant, and Generous.

She is Professional in every sense of the word. A trained law student, she is attuned with the demeanor befitting an educated and well-bred conduit for anyone in a real estate transaction. She not only understands the process, but she also contributes greatly to its fluidity and efficiency.

Elegance is what one needs and desires in a cutthroat real estate environment. As having sold one home and purchased two, I have come to terms that at the end of the day a broker makes the difference. The way she carries herself imbues respect from both buyers and sellers, which has led her to appear on Bravo's Million Dollar Listing NY. Her star appeal has certainly helped in how she represented my successful real estate transactions.

What it boils down to though is a broker's Generosity - in terms of her time, her commitment, and her patience. As a client, she was there for me every step of the way. I tend to look back at things; and my utmost determinant of whether I was satisfied or not is if the relationship was able to craft memories - good ones. From the first email correspondence I had with her, to the celebratory toast we had on my new home, one thing is certain - Peg is highly recommended by me, and boy can't I wait for the next time!" - Paolo Mabasa

--“If you’re looking for a realtor who goes beyond the standard duties then you found one. Peggy helped me during a hectic period where time was not in my favor. I was just about to give birth, my business was booming and I had to upgrade to a bigger home all while traveling. She helped make the process as seamless as possible for me, worked around my schedule and made me feel comfortable with the transaction accommodating my specific requests. She genuinely cares about you and it shows in her attentiveness and professionalism. I would highly recommend Peggy for your real estate needs.” -KVK

--"Peggy helped me through the arduous and painstaking process of securing a NYC apartment...during Hurricane Sandy! I had to deal with a particularly inefficient and slow condo board that kept delaying my move-in date. Thankfully, Peggy is one of those persistent brokers that really helped expedite the process and move things along. She makes you feel like a top priority, from her timely email responses to her respectable work ethic. She is patient, knowledgeable, thorough, and professional. Peggy is absolutely the person I would turn to when I one day am ready to buy a place of my own and has been the only broker I have ever referred to amongst my friends. Trust me, you'll be in good hands." - Wai Ming Siu

--“I want to take the opportunity to thank you for your amazing customer service and flexibility. When we first met, you were very attentive to my specific needs and were so expedient at providing me with great options in my search. Your thorough and considerate approach towards my schedule is greatly appreciated. Thanks again for helping my dream of the perfect home, in the toughest city to get it, come true!” -Maria C

--"Peggy Z helped me close on my first real estate property. She helped me through the entire process, and ever since, she's proven reliable time and time again. Peggy's knowledge, client care, and passion for the work makes her the first and only person we go to for our entire family's NYC real estate dealings and immediately the person we recommend to anyone who asks."-Jason Wong


I first met Peggy when she was on The Serhant Team when she and Ryan helped build what is now my NYC real estate portfolio. Peggy is a tireless worker, and extremely accessible. At that time, she was in her last year of Law School studying for the Bar and without missing a beat we closed on my property seamlessly. Working with Peggy is a complete joy, she is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about real estate and will not waste your time. She is honest, personable, and listens to you to fully understand what your goals are. Unlike most brokers, your relationship does not end at the closing table; she goes above and beyond her broker duties to make your life less stressful she is not just a broker, but your friend with your best interest at heart. I’ve trusted her with my real estate needs, including my rental property. If you are looking for a smart, witty broker, and to have a little fun while you are shopping I highly recommend Peggy." Claudine Prowse

--"Peggy was the listing agent on our current home. She had staged it beautifully and always showed up early to make sure everything was right when we were visiting. Peggy was extremely well prepared to all questions and always honest in her answers. Overall, she showed amazing selling skills. We didn't have a buyer's broker and entrusted Peggy with our side of the deal. She was always available, very responsive and handled it with great integrity. It all went smoothly and we are now very happy in our home. We could not recommend a better professional!" Tristan Landot