Sanja Blazevic

Sanja Blazevic
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
505 Park Ave, New York, NY 10022
License: 10401349115
Fax: 212.252.9347

Born in the Former Yugoslavia and raised in Germany, Sanja spent her young adulthood in New York’s sixth and lesser known borough: Philadelphia. After many weekend trips to Manhattan, falling in love with the city’s architecture, art scene and nightlife, she moved to New York in the winter of 2016.

Sanja learned the value of real estate at a young age as she quietly watched her parents use their modest savings to purchase and renovate a run down townhouse and pull their family out of poverty. She learned the value of struggle and hard work, and most importantly she learned the importance of taking care of others.

Sanja is an accomplished professional who prides herself on her tireless work ethic and dependability. In a cut throat industry, she is determined to take the honest approach, always with the goal of getting her client the best deal, but without the bait and switch manipulation that give the field a bad reputation. From the first point of contact all the way to the closing table, Sanja will guide her clients through every step of the process. In particular it is of utmost importance to her, that her first time home buyers have a thorough understanding and can proceed with confidence and joy.

With a formal education in the Fine Arts, Sanja has a trained attention to detail, color & design which translate seamlessly into real estate. She enjoys having a hands-on approach in staging a property to showcase its strongest features and build emotion so that buyers can truly envision a future in their new home. Her diverse background and career in Hospitality & Event Planning allow Sanja to step into the shoes of her clients, to be attune to their needs and find the perfect balance between aesthetics, functionality and budget.

Apart from real estate, Sanja is passionate about art, travel and humanitarian work. She is an active artist, creating large figurative abstract oil paintings. Her paintings, as with her staging style, is largely color and mood based, often hinting at social issues. Recently, Sanja was inspired to create two large scale portraits of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor which will be donated for auction to benefit BLM. Additionally, she volunteers at Metro World Child & Dream Center NYC, a mobile food pantry based in Bushwick dedicated to feeding those in need. “What I love about Dream Center is that there’s no qualification process or proof you need to provide. Poverty comes in different forms, especially during Covid. So if you’re in line, you get a box of groceries no questions asked!” On weekends Sanja loves gallery hopping in Chelsea and has a personal mission to hit every art museum and gallery in New York. She is an avid traveler and aims to leave the country once or twice a year. She loves the outdoors and enjoys exploring new hiking trails with her giant dog, Windsor.