Sarabinah Aris

Sarabinah Aris
Licensed Real Estate Agent
271 North Canon Drive Beverly Hills CA
License: 01982073
Fax: 310.362.0351

Sarabinah's ambitious endeavors in real estate are fueled by her dedication to economic empowerment that start with local communities and end with global impact. Her vision for a better world starts with the rejuvenation of the dwindling middle class by not climbing the corporate ladder, but by owning it. That starts in making the right investments, which start with income property.

As a Realtor with Nest Seekers, she is given unique opportunities, which are typically unavailable to most other new real estate agents. Continuing education offers higher level courses based on business concepts which form a solid blueprint for building one's business. Access to the industry’s seasoned professionals and cultivating a mentor relationship with them has given her the ability to hit the ground running in her first year as a realtor. Being multilingual enables her to service a larger group of international investors from Spanish speaking nations, Indonesia and China. Expertise in international real estate will be a continuing area of interest and pursuit.

Contact her at 310-990-5687 to speak about buying,selling or leasing a property!