Sergey Simichkin

Sergey Simichkin
Real Estate Advisor
Calle de San Andrés 16, Madrid 28018, Spain

Sergey has Master’s degree in engineering, but decided to try his hand at the real estate world. He started his professional career as a licensed real estate agent in 1993. In 2003, after many years of hard work Sergey establishes Drumelia Real Estate, a successful dynamic company with extensive client base, modern management techniques, and cohesive creative team.
That's how Drumelia started and continues developing so far.
Sergey Sinichkin: "We solve difficult problems immediately, impossible tasks after a while. My motto is short and to the point - «Always!». I really love my work. My colleagues are my partners and friends. I think you can only lead people to truly being part of the team. I am proud that warm and friendly atmosphere reigns in the company from the beginning up to this day."