Sigie Jacobs

Sigie Jacobs
Frankrijklei 5, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium
Mobile: +32485816254

Sigie Jacobs, Committed Real Estate Agent with a Unique Perspective

At age 41, I bring a decade of heartfelt dedication to the real estate industry, with a particular fondness for the beauty and complexity of luxury properties. I have developed several high-end projects myself, overseeing every detail from initial design to the final listing and sale. This hands-on approach has given me invaluable insights into what it takes to sell exclusive properties.

Holding a master’s degree in psychology, I have a unique foundation that allows me to deeply understand human behavior and to connect and engage with clients on a more personal level by truly listening and understanding client's needs and desires.

My background in the pharmaceutical industry has sharpened my strategic thinking and negotiation skills while providing me with an extended and valuable network of high-profile buyers. These experiences have given me a distinct edge in understanding the finer points of high-stakes transactions.

My journey led me to Nest Seekers when I listed my own property with them. I was immediately drawn to their innovative approach, their unwavering professionalism, and their exceptional client service. It resonated with my personal commitment to going above and beyond for my clients.

In my current role at Nest Seekers, I am more than an agent, I am a visionary who sees beyond the sale, a strategist who understands the market's complexities, and a partner who believes in creating long-lasting relationships.

If you're looking for someone who will relentlessly work to meet and exceed your real estate aspirations, I am here to make that happen.