Spencer McLeod

Spencer McLeod
Real Estate Broker | Sales Director Manchester
125 Deansgate, Manchester, M3 2LH
European Headquarters | 169 Piccadilly, 5th Floor, Mayfair, London W1J 9EH

Spencer McLeod, a proud Mancunian. At the age of 18, Spencer kicked off his Real Estate career working for a local property company, learning the essentials of the business and building a wealth of client relationships. 5 years on, he is now leading our rapidly growing Manchester team.

Spencer regularly deals with Manchester and Cheshire's finest homes and developments, as well as advising his clients on on the next best move. He has recently stepped into the realm of international real estate, putting together deals linking the UK, Sydney and New York City - truly utilising international connections and proving real estate is a global network.

'The next few years will be huge for Nestseekers - in Manchester & Cheshire alone we plan to take over the property scene and bring a new element of marketing and branding that we see a huge lack of from the high street agents. We are a marketing company that happens to do real estate and we are simply the best at doing it.'