Sonny Pillai

Sonny Pillai
Regional Director
Commerce Square, The Lace Market, Nottingham, NG1 1HS.
European Headquarters | 169 Piccadilly, 5th Floor, Mayfair, London W1J 9EH

The Regional Director in the East Midlands & Senior Real Estate Broker for Nest Seekers International

With a unique English & Sri Lankan background, Sonny is one of the very few property professionals who truly understand their role. He serves as the director on every client's production of finding & selling a new home or investment property.

Sonny has worked in the property sector for well over ten years and has helped major players all over the UK - from partners at Morgan and Stanley to sports personalities in Formula One – try and find/sell their perfect homes. While working at one of the UK's most unique agencies, London Lofts Real Estate, Sonny had the opportunity to represent some of the most aspiring developments in London and the Midlands, such as Ransome’s Dock (Parkgate Road) and Bankside Lofts (65 Hopton Street). Later, Sonny decided to join Nest Seekers International and start his international property career.

Before joining the property industry, Sonny studied Artificial Intelligence & Robotics at Leicestershire University. He implemented his diverse knowledge in computing, cyber security and business onto his property career - treating every property transaction as a production. He directs the process from the very first idea through to its full execution and motivates everyone involved with a genuine eagerness to deliver at the highest level possible. This enables him to develop an extensive and ever-evolving knowledge of the property market and to fully understand every client's need.

Sonny has sold millions in residential and commercial real estate over the past ten years. However, making money isn't his main motivation; he is driven by the adrenaline that comes with every deal. Sonny has also been a main speaker in different school seminars talking primarily about how to re-invent yourself. He is looking to inspire young kids and professionals into reaching their highest potential through future speaking events. Sonny now resides in the East Midlands where he originally grew up.