Suzie (“Shu”) Hirschfeld

Suzie (“Shu”) Hirschfeld
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson as "Shu Zhu"
505 Park Ave, New York, NY 10022
License: 10401356068

Suzie Hirschfeld ("Shu") was born in China and came to the US when she was 17 YO. She was a biostatician before she became a real estate agent. She is extremely sensitive to numbers and strategic analysis. She is well versed with all the boroughs in the city.

In her previous real estate agency, Suzie is the record holder for “the Fastest Promoted agent” in the past 5 years. She was always one of the TOP sale agents in the monthly list. Her clients viewed her not only as patient and helpful, but also as a friend.

Suzie also received her master’s degree from New York University School of Global Public Health. In her free time, she enjoys visiting art museums, experimenting with baking and cooking, and playing musical instruments (like accordion, kalimba, flute and etc.). Suzie currently resides in Park Slope Brooklyn and enjoys spare time in Berkshire Massachusetts!



Phone number: 517-575-9082