Timo Braasch

Timo Braasch
Office Manager
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Mobile: +44 (0)74 1323 4032

Starting my career out as a licensed banker, I didn’t feel the motivation and drive that I was looking for. Changing paths, I went on to obtain a degree in Real Estate Management and Appraising from the Real Estate Academy of Germany. With a work ethic and a background of knowledge underneath me, I began working my way up the Real Estate ladder in the city of Hamburg, Germany. I have always felt that the foundation I built has helped fuel my passion in this industry and has given me a greater appreciation for not only buyers and sellers but tenants, landlords, developers, and colleagues that I work closely with every day.

I grew up in a small town in the north of Germany, from there I moved into the city of Hamburg where I started my Real Estate career. Quickly working my way up the market, I started building a network of colleagues and clients in the high end Real Estate sector of the city. My love for new challenges and opportunities brought me to the city of London, England where I joined Nest Seekers International.

I have always loved working with people from different cultures and have been fortunate enough to travel across the world spending time in Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Australia, Laos, Egypt, Southern Europe, and the United States.

In an ever-changing industry, it is so crucial to keep an open mind and be able to understand and empathize with my clients. I am passionate about this industry, and for me, it has never been about selling a product, it is all about connecting with people, bringing them together, and being apart of something much more meaningful. From purchasing a first home to a building million dollar investments, I love the diversity I am able to experience every day.

To me, this has always been more than just a job it is my life.