Tom Aerts

Tom Aerts
Managing Director Belgium
Frankrijklei 5, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium
License: BIV: 510.756

I am Tom Aerts, a passionate expert in luxury real estate with a decade of experience in this field. At the age of 34, I feel right at home in the world of luxury real estate. My journey in this industry began after completing my education in Economics, with specializations in Marketing and Sales. This academic background equipped me with the necessary skills to excel in the dynamic realm of real estate, where expertise in marketing and sales is invaluable.

My love for real estate is undeniable. My passion for this profession is evident in my dedication to various branches of real estate. With a diverse background in different sectors of real estate, I've discovered that luxury real estate is the sector where I feel most challenged. My experience spans various markets in Belgium, including Knokke, Ghent, Antwerp and Brussels. With a deep understanding of these regions, I've established myself as a trusted expert, helping clients make well-informed decisions about their real estate investments.

My affinity for real estate was apparent right from the start. As the years went by, my passion for this ever-evolving industry grew stronger, and I came to realize that real estate was not just a profession for me, but a way of life.

In my world, open and transparent communication is the foundation of my professional approach. I wholeheartedly believe that maintaining an honest and forthright dialogue with clients is essential for a successful real estate transaction. I approach every listing proactively, showcasing my unwavering dedication to creating successful deals.

One of the highlights of my career is bringing this renowned international real estate agency, Nest Seekers International, to Belgium. I recognized the importance of global connectivity in the real estate market and saw the potential for cross-selling opportunities worldwide. I firmly believe that real estate is not confined to local affairs but is a global endeavor. It has become my mission to facilitate international connections in the industry.