Tom Peters

Tom Peters
Managing Director
140 Bay Street Jersey City NJ
License: 9913132
Phone: 201.225.8655
Mobile: 201.273.3536
Fax: 201.604.6474

With a real estate career nearing almost two decades in the Hoboken/Jersey City area, highly experienced, resilient and dedicated are some of the words used to describe Tom. But when asked to measure his success after all of these years, his response was not based on his accomplishments but on the strong relationships he’s built with return clients and the vast network of industry professionals.

As a 22 year resident, Tom has not only seen the town transform into what it has become today but he’s played a role in its growth in many ways. With extensive residential, commercial and project development experience, his knowledge of the industry is unparalleled. No matter what condition the market is in or how small or large a deal is, Tom brings the same passion, determination, patience and professionalism each time. When asked what keeps him going in such a competitive market, Tom's response is always the same: "The answer is simple. Being able to help others with one of their biggest decisions of their lives gives me all I need and I'm so thankful to be a part of their journey. "

With the change into leadership, Tom’s ability to create true leaders within Nest Seekers International’s culture has helped him become the best that he can be in his own business as well. “Joining Nest Seekers International was the best business decision I’ve ever made because it gives me the ability to lead others by example and not just in a classroom setting. I’m a firm believer that if you want others to grow, you have to walk the talk.”

In his spare time, Tom takes pleasure in traveling, staying fit, golf, cooking and just being around town enjoying the local restaurants and bars.