Trenace Kline

Trenace Kline
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
20 Main Street Southampton NY
Fax: 631.287.9261

I began my career as a purchasing agent in the pharmaceutical industry; with OmniSpecialty/Napp Technologies LLC. They are a Japanese owned company importing pharmaceutical ingredients into the United States markets. Many of these ingredients are used in over the counter drugs, prescription drugs, cosmetics, & DHA (Cosmetic Grade) which is the main ingredient for tanning. I was in that industry just shy of 10 years and have been a world traveler within those years. The most important aspect I most possess is the ability to get along with others of all nationalities & gender.

I decided to get involved in the Real Estate industry due to having two of my family members that have been very successful in the Hamptons market, both in purchasing properties for their own inventory and selling properties for others.

I've been involved in this business for the past 7 years and have met many people in the Hamptons market and I'm quite pleased with the activities and always look forward to moving forward and doing my best to satisfy these market demands, which are mostly involving knowledge & the ability to get to demonstrate effectiveness and cooperation to meet common goals.

I love what I do & look forward to retiring in this industry.