Katherine Yan Liu, Esq.

Katherine Yan Liu, Esq.
Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker
Licensed as Yan Liu
24-20 Jackson Ave Floor 3 Long Island City, NY 11101, USA
License: 10301222313


Cell: (917)459-9350

Chinese Blog: xiaoliunyc.com

With a distinguished academic background, Katherine holds a Master's Degree in Law from the prestigious NYU School of Law, earned in 2012, and a Bachelor's Degree in Law from ECUPL in Shanghai. Her legal expertise is underscored by her successful passage of the Bar examinations in both China (2009) and New York (2012).

Katherine has honed her legal acumen through extensive professional experience in prominent law firms in Mainland China and New York. Her remarkable achievement includes the independent handling of over 2000 residential and commercial real estate transactions in the vibrant real estate market of New York City, a testament to her unparalleled proficiency in the field.

What truly sets Katherine apart is her unwavering commitment to facilitating effective communication with clients, seamlessly blending Eastern and Western values. She stands as a bridge between China and the global stage, driven by her determination to offer superlative services as an experienced real estate broker, specializing in high-end residential and commercial properties.

Katherine's unique combination of legal prowess, cross-cultural finesse, and a proven track record in the real estate industry makes her an invaluable resource for clients seeking top-tier guidance in the elite realm of real estate, especially those with international interests.


电话: (917)459-9350

中文网站: xiaoliunyc.com

Katherine刘律师 拥有2012年获得的来自著名纽约大学法学院的法学硕士学位,以及来自上海华东政法大学的法学学士学位,并成功通过了中国(2009年)和纽约(2012年)的律师资格考试。

Katherine 通过在中国上海和纽约律师事务所的工作,不断累计她的法学素养,包括并不限于在纽约市充满活力的房地产市场上独立处理了2000多宗住宅和商业房地产交易,这证明了她在这一领域无与伦比的熟练程度。真正让 Katherine 脱颖而出的是她致力于促进中国客户与纽约房产市场的有效沟通。她作为中国与全球地产舞台之间的桥梁,无缝融合了东西方价值观,秉承作为一名经验丰富的地产经纪|律师,提供最优质的高端住宅和商业房地产服务的决心。

Katherine 将独特的法律才能、跨文化交流技巧以及在房地产行业的成熟经验结合,使她成为高端房地产领域寻求顶级指导的客户的宝贵资源。

语言:英文 普通话 广东话